Where the Children of The High Ones dwells,
few ever enter -
and even fewer leaves....

                               Enter The Core



 Hello, random visitor!



Welcome to the very core of my un-fragile being. Yeah, you are walking around in some remote corner of my existens. So, do thread as carefully as you wish or not at all; I won't break, but I might bite your head off if your mom didn't teach you how to be polite.


Don't worry, though. I'm not an artist (thanks the High Ones!) so I don't bloody care if people don't like my drawings. They are NOT what put food on my table, or makes my day. Nope; most of my drawing comes from the imagination of my elfin husband OR from my stories.


The name Gråsparv/Grawsparrv certainly does, anyway.

So, I'll be uploading my drawings here and perhaps, even translate some of my stories.

Have fun!


PS. If you actually _like_ what you see, please do let me know. Sometimes my inspiration aka Muse behaves like a bloody spoiled brat, so...

Your musings might be exactly what I need that day, eh?